Dear law makers of India,

Hope you didn't find any complaints with Holi and won't mind keeping it unbanned for another year, at least. Anyway, I am doing really well despite of so many things under the so-called "banned list".

Do you remember your childhood days when your parents had a set of rules and a huge list of activities that were intolerable to them. You never realised that they did it for your benefit, but you refused to understand and hated your parents. And you dared to try out all those banned activities and felt so proud of yourself or even narrated your "super-hero stories" to your friends. Remember?

Now as I have grown adult and live thousands of miles away from my parents, nobody cares to guide me and stop me from doing the wrong, expect the "Indian law". You law makers are so caring that you took all thorns to frame the famous Indian law to protect innocent unguided people like me from all the evils.

Its so kind of you that you care so much. Like my parents, your law too have a list of "banned activities", just to protect us from the evil of this world. You choose the best movies and documentaries from the platter and eliminate all those "dirty pictures" to protect me from the filth. You protect me from "monstrous novels" so that I don't fall for evil. You explained me why a guy can't love a guy and how sleeping with same sex is "unnatural". How can I forget you generosity as you taught me what not to eat to save my religion. And thank you for teaching me how to party with my friends and what my female friend should wear on the beach, to keep "eyes of hawks" away from her. Thank you for being so kind for a poor man. You are my saviour from all the evils. Though I am atheist, but I always believe in you. I know that you will always be there to help me.

But just like a naughty child, I love to break rules (perhaps you too did when you were kid!). Today, I again feel like cherishing my old childhood days - feeling the rush in doing all those stuffs that our law forbids. Watching all those banned movies and documentaries over internet and tweeting and writing about them are my new past-time. Getting banned content isn't a big deal any more. Youtube is flooded with movie clips with uncensored dialogues and its like win-win situation for e-book retailers making profits from "banned" books. Like me, 300 million other Indians have access to Internet and those "filthy movies and documentaries", that's too tax free!

I watched "India's Daughter". Yes the same BBC documentary that got banned. Thank you for banning it or I would have never known of such a documentary. I believe you haven't watched it. That's why you banned it. Otherwise you would have banned rapist's lawyer, giving ridiculous justification of rapes. Do watch it.

Though I understand your intention to protect us from the evil, but I have a complaint. Your list of "banned" is getting to huge and may be someday writing a blog would be in to the list. Sometimes, I get tired of your conservative approach. We are a progressive nation with the fastest GDP growth. But your mentality isn't progressive. Though I am not accusing you (how can I do that, I can't get my blog banned), but its just a humble request to make your thoughts more liberal. Just a little think-over before you ban the next stuff.

Sincere apologies if you think your child's words are harsh. I didn't mean it.

Yours faithfully,
A Child of Indian Law

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