Sunday, May 18, 2014

India MODI-fied : How Modi's Marketing Skill Changed the Scenario of Election Campaign

With several records getting shattered with Modi's victory, India witnessed a complete transformation in the scenario of political campaigning in India. With a blend of technology and marketing techniques, Modi has successfully been able to trap 171 million voters out of total 815 million. This election was all about marketing. The better you market your ideas, better you sell in market and more votes you garner. That's what Modi is best at.

Narendra Modi, apart from a great administrator, he has
good marketing skills to sell his ideas 
How can a 63 year old man break all odds and win the majority all of its own? Its remarkable that majority of the votes won by BJP (or even NDA) is just because of Modi. How did he do that? There's no exaggeration about the fact that Modi is a great politician. His administration in Gujarat sets an example. However, its definitely not enough for a politician to win a country of a billion with just a single success story of Gujarat. Moreover, he has some grey sides as well. Riots and communalism. So how did he do? Its all about marketing the ideas and selling them to common people.

Consider a salesman visits your house and recommends you to buy a product, say soap. The salesman will try to convince you that his soap is much better than the soap you are using. Will you buy his product? It all depends on the quality of the salesman, not the soap.
The first thing you will judge is the salesman. How is he dressed? How does he speaks to you? How does he responds to your queries? Basically you will be more interested in the way the salesman convince you than the soap! Then perhaps, you may bother about the soap, like its smell and its price (you hardly will ever notice its ingredients).

Same principle revolves around Modi's campaigning. Undoubtedly, Modi is an excellent orator. He has the capacity to hold a big crowd with his words. He is confident of what he speaks. His words make us believe in the sanguinity of his action. He can 'sell' his ideas to the common people. He is a good 'salesman' who can convince you that his 'ideas' are the best in the market. We (the voters) are least concern about the his ideology, but greatly admire the way he convinced us to believe him.

Moreover, for leading the sales, its necessary for any company to advertise. A soap with no quality can even run out of stock just on the basis of advertisement. A good 30 sec ad with girls in skimpy outfits can tempt the mindset of consumer whenever he goes to shop and asks for a soap! Advertisement is a part and parcel of marketing. Here, Modi again rules the show. He used print and electronic media to carefully spreads his propaganda. He flooded TV, newspapers and even radios with his ads. "Acche din aane wale hai" ads went all across the media.

"Abki Baar Mod Sarkar" jokes that went viral on social media
The story of Modi's success also signifies the role of social and digital media in election campaigning. The 2014 election was the first general election in the era of facebook and twitter (social media was yet to make a mark during 2009 general elections). The 63 year old tech-savvy intelligently used social media to market his ideologies. With 50% population below the age of 30 and 150 million first time voters in this election, the campaign on social media aptly targeted the biggest vote bank - the youth. With social media getting flooded with political comments and debates (and ofcoarse the #firstvote selfies), Modi successfully developed a political awareness among the youth, which consequently, it favoured him.

Now Modi on the hot seat, people have lots of
expectation from him. He was successful in selling his ideas. Now people will judge his "ideas" in upcoming years. We hope that he will stand up against all odds to keep his promise. 1.2 billion people trusted you, now its turn to make your "ideas" happen. Best of luck, Mr Modi.