Tuesday, March 15, 2011

US Fighting For Oil In Libya

US Protester against war on Libya
Finally, United States with the support of United Nation gets into Libya to bring down Gaddafi’s autocratic rule. Barrack Obama, the Nobel laureate for peace, has launched “Operation Odysseys” by firing Tomahawk missiles on Gaddafi’s military forces. Most of the counties back US intervention to end Gaddafi’s regime in Libya. But, in my opinion, US intervention is a threat for sovereignty of Libya and its neighboring oil-producing nations. History is full of such instances where US has always tried to get its hand on the oil reserve of the gulf countries. So how can we believe that US won’t do the same with Libya?

There are reasons in Gaddafi’s saying that US is seeking opportunity to use political turmoil in Libya to get its hand on oil deposits. Libya has a large share in petroleum production and is one of the leading producers of the same. Whereas United States and its administration are concerned, US have a tendency to pick up a war to seize the oil reserve of gulf countries. The ‘war on Iraq’ is the prime evidence of the very same fact. In the name of ‘war against terrorism’, US have actually tried to grab its hold on its petroleum reserve.

Nothing can be achieved through wars. Though war can change the government but it can never bring solidity and peace. The same theory works in the case of Libya. Moreover, foreign interference is strictly against the sovereignty and autonomy of the country. It can further deteriorate the stability of the country, as we saw in Iraq.

So, how can the world deal with the crisis in Libya? Firstly, peace should be initiated immediately in the country. Revolution must be peaceful. For that, negotiation must be done between the opposition and the ruler. If required, some compromise should be made so that violence comes to a halt. Secondly, international community must try all non-military solutions such as arrest of international trade and financial aid. Though the economy of Libya would be affected badly, but such pressures would bring down Gaddafi from his office. 

Gaddafi's millitary tank being captured by rebels

The world condemn Gaddafi’s autocratic rule on Libya and use of state military power to suppress the rebel. There is no doubt about Gaddafi’s appalling acts are intolerable and he must be dealt with heavy hands. His ouster is a need of the hour for the growth and well being of Libyans. But foreign military interference or war is truly a rubbish plan to work upon. United States and its allies must arrest military intrusion in Libya.

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