Friday, December 24, 2010

Wikileaks: Voice Against Tyranny

The world politics is feeling the tremors as Wikileaks is throwing politically confidential information to the common public. Naturally, Wikileaks has found a long queue of criticizers. Criticizers blame it saying that it is compromising with the security and has termed illegal. However, Wikileaks’ gifts are precious. With the motto, “We open governments”, Wikileaks has become an instrument for the browbeaten to fight against the tyrants.

Wikileaks has certainly changed the thinking of common people towards the working of world politics and what really does happen behind the sealed doors of political institutions. It has unmasked the countries’ real identity. It has allowed us to peep inside the diplomatic affairs that run the world powers. Well, most obviously, criticizers slam Wikileaks saying that in the call of transparency, it is gambling with the security. But the truth is that it is no threat to security. It must be noted that one’s security can be a threat to other’s fraternity. United States considers it a threat because Wikileaks prevent US from being a threat to its enemies. In fact, the US finds itself in the middle of the sea, as it cannot ignore the allegations against it.

Truth should never be masked. Also, digging out truth is not an offence. In fact, it is an act of appreciation. Wikileaks only discloses the truth, which the people should know. Moreover, it is the basic right of citizens to know how they are being ruled. So, its worthless to debate that Wikileaks is a foe to democracy. Even the United Nation backs Wikileaks saying that this is the way that transparency works and that corruption has been confronted in many cases. UN agreed with the idea that Julian Assange (the founder of Wikileaks) was a "martyr for free speech."

Wikileaks has helped us to distinguish between our associates and bullies. The recent leaks have enough potential to affect the relationship between the countries. It would not be a matter of surprise if our diplomatic relationships change with our associates, especially with the United States and other western powers.

Wikileaks has redefined the meaning of press. Its affect is so immense that countries have started blocking their servers. But, it seems strange that the US, which claims to be the redeemer of freedom of expression and press, has stood against Wikileaks. It’s really queer that US is doing the same what it has been accusing China for. However, it’s impossible to freeze Wikileaks. After all, truth can never be concealed. 

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