Friday, December 10, 2010

Flaws In Our Education System

Modern educational system in India, perhaps, was introduced during British Raj. Since then, it has undergone numerous revisions and modifications. But still our present educational system is incompetent in producing human resource.

The flaws in our educational system become visible when we focus on educated unemployment. There are more than 60 million educated unemployed in India. The problem of educated unemployment is so acute that it severely affects the economy and hinders the growth in GDP. Moreover, Indians are loosing their scientific temperament. It’s a matter of shame that being a scientifically rich country, India has till now produced just handful of Nobel laureates. Our R&D scenario is far appalling. But why are the problems so acute? Well, our educational system is to be blamed for the crisis. Indian educational system is marks-oriented. It believes in memory power more than the concepts. Students are made to learn the concepts by heart. Rather than drawing the concepts in our practical life, it is restricted to marks. Naturally, students too run behind the grades.

Fortunately, HRD ministry too recognizes its incompetence. Consequently, HRD ministry, under the Manmohan Singh government and guidance of our Kapil Sibal, has taken several initiatives that, according to the ministry, would enhance the quality of education in India. Ministry started its experiment in mid-2009 with the present class X batch, studying in CBSE affiliated schools. As a part of the trial, CCE (or Comprehensive and Co… Evaluation) was introduced. Ministry claims that it would provide opportunities to so-called ‘back-benchers’ to show up their potentials and skills not only in academics but also in co-curriculum activities. It also claims that it would discourage the theory of ‘learning by rote’. But is the ground reality same as claimed?

Well, Mr. Sibal must work more to turn his castle in the sky into reality. CCE is no more than old wine served in a new bottle under a glittery label. The significance of CCE has been exaggerated and is nothing more than a mirage. Though CCE has considerably backed the backbenchers, but didn’t enhance the quality of education. The pattern of teaching remains to be same and students’ response is not so sunny as expected. Being a student, I would appeal Mr. Sibal for the review of his decision. CCE is a total failure and he must work upon other alternatives.


  1. The best minds of our country may be sitting on the last benches of the classrooms.

  2. French schools Switzerland-Education has no bar on age and culture. It is true especially in case of ESL schools. ESL schools are dedicatedly involved in providing language courses for every person of any age, from juniors and teens to those who have even crossed their fifties. It is true that people at their 50s can study with ESL schools.