Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Symbol, A New Era in Indian Economy

Finally, rupee got its own symbol, a symbol of prestige, a symbol of self-esteem and a symbol of strength. Indian rupee joined the club of selected who has its own internationally acclaimed currency symbol. Similar to the position of currencies like dollar and pound, Indian rupee would also get a reputable status in the global market. But can a mere symbol list India in the club of elites? Well, its not a mere symbol, its more that that. It signifies the strength of India’s economy and currency to endure the present economy of the world.
The symbol is more than a combination of devnagari and roman alphabets, but it corresponds to the fulfillment of old, numb dream. It signifies the strength of India’s economy to withstand the tough times of recession. Today, India’s economy is the second fastest growing economy and is believed that India would emerge as an economic super power in next couple of decades.
Few weeks before independence, a British official remarked, “With millions people dying of hunger, what can Gandhi do? Good Luck, Gandhi!” Today, I wish I could stand beside his graveyard and yell, “India has made it, Gandhi did what you couldn’t do.” India has been able to prove that she is able to undo the injustice that British did to India.

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  1. I too wanna see India's rupee symbol in the top foreign exchange trading currency pairs with $, €, £, ¥, etc.
    ...the first step has been taken.