Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Politics On Climate Change

A couple of days before Copenhagen submit, Environment Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh spoke on government’s policies on climate change. He spoke about the decision to cut emission intensity to 20 to 25%. Naturally, contradicting this decision, its opponent raised a stupid question- why should India compromise with its development even if per capita emission of India is lower than China or US? The question was stupid in the sense that don’t we have any responsibility for our future generation. It is obvious that opposition party will always contradict government’s decision. But, our great leader! Why to compromise with future generation? Do think that what crisis your child will face in a future where there would be no food to eat or fresh air to breathe. Climate change is a very urgent and serious issue. There are thousands of other issues to debate on; why to politicize the issue of climate change?
Besides that, Indians are always concerned about their rights but we forget that rights are meaningless without duties. I suppose securing our child’s future is our top most duty. This is my statement to all those netajis enjoying the comfort of the seats parliament (or better to say suffering from the term ‘austerity’) that you are leaving no legacy for your children.

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