Wednesday, March 18, 2009

“Only Bars Of Prison Can Save Our Mother Planet”

We common people have failed to change our mindset.
Now the unsympathetic laws can save our Planet from change.

The lifestyle is changing very rapid and hence is climate. Today the climate is changing with the pace of our lifestyle. Scientists claim that our climate is warming and estimated that human survival would be in danger within 22nd century. Besides that, our next generation would face much severe problems, as there would be no fossil fuels left for to meet the energy requirements. Although the world is very much concern about it, however this consciousness is not enough to save our mother planet. Now something must be done. It’s the time for all babus who enjoy the comfort of the seat in parliament to prove themselves that they are our leaders, our real heroes.
Climate change is one of the burning issues in the whole world. Neither me, nor you are unaffected from this change. I believe that the only way to get rid of this dilemma is to change our mindset. We ourselves should adopt more eco-friendly methods of living. Many NGOs and voluntary organizations whole-heartedly tried to do it. But their efforts had no great impact on us. We all are trapped into a single bogus ideology that nature can have no impact on human, as we are supreme. All the possible solution to this crisis had been tried except the legislative power of the leaders.
Till date, there are more than two hundred laws, which directly or indirectly related to protection of environment. Under 42nd amendment of the Indian constitution in 1972, Fundamental duties have been incorporated in it. Among these 10 principle fundamental duties, protection of the environment is on the top most priority. From ban on plastic bags to check pollution level from industries, government had tried its best to save the future. However, these laws had not been implemented up to its greatest extent. People rarely have heard of these eco-friendly laws. The greatest drawback of such policies (or laws) is that there is no harsh punishment on the infringement of such laws. Probably none of us has gone through a case where jail sentence has been awarded for degradation of environment. We don’t fear of using plastic bags or wasting water or electricity, as we know that no one would stop us. The fact is that extensive consumption of such elements has now been converted into our way of life and we cannot be in this world without it.
Now the time has come for change. It is the time when our leaders should lead us to safe world. We ourselves have failed to change our mindset. Now only the lathis and fines of collector can make it happen. Our history is crammed with hundreds of examples where only the bars of prison and heavy fines were able to abolish the dark component of the society, whether is a economic or social and cultural crisis. It is probably for the first time when voters cannot make politicians responsible for the dilemma; but politician should help us to get out from it because a single cannot change the society. Laws must be unsympathetic. It is obvious that government would face stumbling block from common people and may also face cuts in votes, but something needs to be done. After all, it is the matter of our children and their future.

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