Sunday, January 18, 2009

India-Pakistan: Two Hot Neighbors

Before the partition of India and Pakistan, a pool of poison of hate ness was created inside the hearts of Indians and Pakistanis, which still affects the relation between these two nuclear states. Indian foreign policy has always tried to form as well as to maintain the peaceful relation between them, but the success didn’t last long. Rather than maintaining a peace relation with its neighboring and super power, Pakistan has always represented India as her wicked and awful neighbor. Pakistani government has launched a new policy, anti-Indian policy. From 1947 to till date, Pakistan has spread an undeclared war on India at international, national and regional level.
United States Of America has done a lot to escalate tension between India and Pakistan. American foreign policy allowed selling their military arms to Pakistan, which was used against Indians. Whatever “war on terror” America may have started, in the real sense, America has helped terrorist groups to strengthen its base in Pakistan and spread terrorism in India. That was the reason that after the attacks of 26/11, America supported India only through words, not through any action against the terrorist camps in Pakistani soil.

The pool of hate ness, which was created during the partition has a bitter consequence as this affects the world politics and security, and especially south Asian countries have felt the highest tremors of this quake. India and Pakistan always try dug up the differences between them. According to Michael Bragger, an undeclared war between India and Pakistan still continues. Before partition, Indian leaders thought that the condition between them would be healthier after partition. But from the beginning of the birth of Pakistan, issues such as Hyderabad conflict, Jammu and Kashmir conflict and refugees problem evolved and relation between these two states started getting worse.
After the defeat of India by China in 1962, relation between India and China was not apt. And then in 1965, although a peace agreement and a promise of no-war were made between India and Pakistan, India was attacked but gave a crushing defeat to Pakistan. So, Pakistan took the benefit of the bicker that was in between India and China, and decided to befriend China to take revenge of this defeat. In return, China provided military and financial support to Pak.
An Important role was played by India for giving Bangladesh a status of an independent nation. This pursuit angered Pakistan and again attacked India in 1971. But as usual, Pakistan again got a crushing defeat. To take revenge of series of defeat by India, Pakistan decided to take the path of terrorism, which is killing the integrity and sovereignty of India.
India has always been surrounded by Pakistan, India’s closest neighbor. While India’s foreign policy has always been directed to maintain peace relation with Pakistan, but Pak has always ignored India’s effort. War between these two nations is common and both distrust each other. India has been facing a threat from terrorism, which has made Pakistan as its home. The recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai have escalated the tension between these two nuclear countries.

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