Sunday, December 28, 2008

China: A Trouble Creator For India

China and India are the two fastest growing economy of the world and can be classified as one of the super power of the world. Even Manorama yearbook has also quoted that India and China are the Asian player of 21st century. Both the countries face similar type of problem and both are multi-linguistic country, both sharing historical and cultural background. Thus we can say that China and India are the global players and if cooperate each other, both the countries can even leave American economy far behind within few decades.

But there is a huge hurdle between this. China has never tried to cooperate India, neither in diplomatic nor in economical way. India had worked upon several strategies, which tried to bond India with China. India's first treaty with China was in 1954, a peace treaty. But soon, in 1962, war broke between India and China. India lost to China and as a consequence, it captured a vast Indian territory. It was probably the first betrayal by China in modern history. China captured 90,000 sq. km of Indian Territory, near the eastern border (Arunachal Pradesh), and still this area is under Chinese control. After the victory in 1962 war, China has befriended India’s greatest enemy. China gave support to Pakistan, a terrorist land.
India is a country of vast diversity and believes in equality of religion. But, in 1956, Indian sentiment was hurt when China broke on Tibet. As India was supporting Tibet, a small Himalayan country, India gave shelter to Dalai Lama and this pursuit-angered China. It clearly showed that China had no respect for India.
After the attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai, countries like United States, France and UK has led their hand of support towards India, in order to eradicate terrorism. But China has not even uttered a word in favor of India.

India and China share a rich historical and cultural background. In ancient period, Chinese travelers like Fa Hein came to India. Nalanda University in Bihar comprised of several Chinese students. Marco Polo came to India as a messenger of Kublai Khan, grandson of Chengiz Khan. Although, they both share culture and diversity, yet China never tried to understand the misery of India.

But, why? This is probably because China still thinks that India is inferior to China and assumes that there is no benefit to negotiate with India, a country with billion populations, facing large number of problems. China has negotiated with Russia, United States, Japan, Brazil and other developed nations, but has always neglected developing countries. Unlike United States, China had neither worked upon any anti-terrorism issue at global scale, nor it had tries to understand the misery of poor developing countries. Many Indians are anti-Americans. They think that negotiating with America would lead to destruction. But, in my opinion, America has done a lot for the development of India in comparison to China.

China has never tried to understand the misery of India. Actually they have also underestimated the power of India. India is a developing country and will become a developed one within a decade. Several times India had tried to establish peaceful relation with China but every time, one or the other reason angered China due to which the situation is getting worse. Well I think that India too should neglect China’s importance. In my opinion, China is just like brother of Pakistan for India who has always gifted trouble to India.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"There is no religion of terrorism"

"The soul of a murdrer is blind"
After the attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai, terrorism has got its new identity. Terrorists are those Muslims who kill innocent people as to take revenge of discrimination against their Muslim brothers in India. They are ready to scarify themselves because their God wants them. But it’s unfortunate that terrorism spread terror for the sake of religion.

Religion is very sensitive part of our society. Religion acts as an agent to bind different community of our society together and produces a sense of brotherhood ness among the human. It leads to the development of peace relation among the people. Famous poet Iqbal quoted that religion is not a medium of selfishness, but a best medium to express love among the humans. India has cultured and nourished several religions together and this proves that religion is the best way for human to lead himself towards humanity. Wherever there has been a little touch of religion, it has spread the message of humanity, fraternity, love and most important, peace. Till date, no religion has been introduced which act as a threat for communal harmony. All religion has spread the very same message of mercy, love and kindness. Gautam Buddha has shown the path of non-violence, whereas Christ has spread the message of mercy and love for all living creature. Time to time, several orthodox has respected the ideals of different religions, which lead to the birth of fraternity. Every religion has a common ideal- to bind different community of people together and leading the man towards humanity. Religion is the best way to teach humans about his moral values and duties.

Today, terrorism is one of the major concerns and if nothing is done, almost whole world will become the victim of these inhuman terrorists. Well, most of us think that we should use violent means to abduct such elements of our society. But in my view, we should follow the path of non-violence as our nation father showed us about half a century ago, but it different style. Primarily, we should remove all our ill ideas from our mind and should walk forward to maintain brotherhood ness among the citizen of India. Don’t try to culture all such types of thoughts that threat the integrity of our country. Why only you or me, every citizen must follow the same path. If we do so, I can assure you that we WILL be able to remove the scars of terrorism because
“United we stand, divide we fall.”