Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elected to enjoy lavishness

Who are MPs? Mps are the merchant of India who promises to work for the cause of humanity, but end up charging heavily for their negligible services. We elect them, feed them on our hard-earned money, make them feel at the top of the world, and latter, blame them. They enjoy the comfort of the parliament and they out-pace our voices. We make them travel in the lal-battis, whereas rickety bus suits our status. Still, they blame, “hamara kharcha nahien chalta hain.”

The statement of our honorable MP made us (the aam-aadmi) think how much greedy a man can be! A labour, who spends a whole day working in a construction-site, earns just a dollar. And an MP, who promises to eradicate poverty, earns Rs1000 just for enjoying the chillness of the air conditioners. A study shows that more than 80 percent MPs hibernate in the parliament. But as salary hike is concerned, they are the first to come to strike for their demands.

Perhaps Indian constituent assembly has created the finest constitution and has left no stone unturned. But the rulers were kept out of the radar. Our constitution doesn’t define the duty of an MP. However, it makes no error while defining the elites of an MP! On one hand, where poor children are dying of starvation, MPs are enjoying kheer at just Rs 5, fish curry (Bengalis favorite, macher jhol) at Rs17 and yummy chicken at Rs24. Still they blame, “hamara kharcha nahien chalta hain.” Our honorable rulers! Come and spend a day with a status of a common man. Probably you would be able to run your (huge) family with your existing earnings.

In 1976, members of parliaments passed 42nd amendment act which added the term ‘socialism’ to the preamble of the Indian Constitution. Though socialism has a vast meaning, however, for India, socialism aims to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. But what if the lawmakers themselves demand for widening the gap?

It’s a matter of shame of that politicians are much occupied in earning rather than serving their duty. Moreover, being an MP is nothing more than a profession where employees are paid regularly irrespective of the duty. Probably ‘a job of an MP’ would be the next to be listed in! And only thing we can do is to quiz that how long will it continue?

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