Friday, April 23, 2010

What Would Happen If IPL Is Nationalized

The whole country was shocked when MP Lalu Prasad Yadav raised an issue in the parliament demanding to nationalize the IPL. The following statement from Lalu Prasad came when the parliament debated on the scandal by Mr. Lalit Modi, the commissioner and initiator of IPL. According to them, IPL should be nationalized in order to avoid black money penetrating into the League. But is this theory of nationalizing IPL logical? Can IPL restrain its popularity if it gets into the hand of the government?

Well, Mr. Lalu Prasad would be annoyed to read the article.

Firstly, it is hard (or rather correct to say impossible) to attract such a large amount of capital. Industrialists and capitalists would think twice before investing in such a scheme where hungry politicians are ready to hound everything. So, there would be a perturbation in the minds of franchisers before buying a team in the IPL. Moreover, the profit of IPL would also shrink because a lot of money would be routed to the fund of Government. Or indirectly, it would make politicians’ pockets heavier than ever. Obviously, investor would think of their money.

Secondly, IPL would merely become a national league from entertainment league. The charm of watching IPL matches would no longer subsist. Lets take the paradigm of Doordarshan. Although the quality of programmes are much better than other private channels, but Doordarshan was unable to catch up large audience as that of private channels. And IPL would no longer be an exception. No cheer girls, no entertainment packages, and no crowd to cheer their home teams!

Thirdly, IPL would become a medium to bag votes. Opposition would debate on negatives of IPL to win seats in the parliament. Just imagine when parties would come up with propaganda to cut prices of IPL tickets! Politicians must work for welfare of the citizens, not for their entertainment.

No matter how devil IPL commissioner is, IPL cannot restrain its popularity without guys like Modi!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IITJEE: Annihilation Of Wits

The landscape is no different from a scene of a fair. Students are waiting outside the gates of examination centers. And there was perturbation in the air; after all, it is the most crucial day for them. It’s IITJEE. While students are having their last minute preparation, their parents are busy in offering prayers and encouraging their children. It is natural because IITJEE is one of the toughest examinations in the world. Especially, when about half a million candidates are appearing for only ten thousand seats all over the country! But why are we all crazy about IITs?

The obvious response to this question is that IITs are the best institute all over. And for admission in IITs, every sacrifice seems to be small. The magnitude of passion among the students, perhaps among parents, is so immense that students take every possible risk to survive the exam. And coaching institutes provide spark to the fire of their determination. Coaching institutes play an important and indissoluble role in IIT-aspirants life. Today, students believe that without coaching classes, their education is incomplete. And the reason seems to be probable because schooling alone cannot stock up everything. As a consequence, market of coaching industry has grown up to 1,00,000 crores of rupees. But is it really making our future bright?

Nobody can deny the fact that coaching institutes are decent, but nobody can also rebuff that coaching institutes are terrible, in the sense that they are killing our wits. Coaching classes act as a spoon-feeder. Their teaching methodology only includes cracking toughest problems, rather than making students understand the concept behind the problem. Students are made to memorize certain types of solution to crack competitive exams. As a consequence, a student may be able to solve physics numerical in two counts, but may fail to explain the concept. Student may survive the exam, but he may (or will) perish in future. Nobody can guarantee about the problem ahead, so how can anybody lead if his concepts are weak? It’s dangerous to compromise with future for success, which don’t last too long.

Even IITs itself recognizes the fact. Consequently, there are putting up their best to make coaching institutes inefficient. IITs tries to bring variation in the question paper and even they are trying to include a section of aptitude test in the entrance examination. After all, IITs are only for real jewel, not for parrots!